ESPN Sport Science, and Bill Simmons “the Sports Guy” did a Mailbag on Linsanity

Before we got too sick and tired of this Jeremy Lin madness, and before the bandwagon overloads and breaks down, let’s have some sidekick fun…

First, the nerdy ESPN Sport Science. Biomechanics represent!

Now the real sidekick laughs. From the Sports Guy! He did a Mailbag on Linsanity!

Linsanity Bag

What, you thought the Sports Guy would let this one go?

By Bill Simmons on February 16, 2012

For some reason a lot of the NBA fans still can’t get let down the beating stick on LeBron James; the first few questions were taking  personal shots at James’ “shoulda, and woulda” at the garden. They were so sour that for a split second I thought I was reading Taiwan’s national inter-electronic antique

I’m just gonna comment on some that truly facilitated either the action-potential activity of my cerebrum or the contractile activity of my abdomen rectus… (I really spent too many hours at the lab today)

Here are actual significant lines from Bill Simmons that provide real insight to the whole frantic saga. (Re-constructed paragraph from sentences of copy-n-paste)

“What’s happening with Lin right now? Unprecedented. I have never seen it before — shit, I’ve never even seen a homeless man’s version of it before….A friend of mine knows Jeremy and says that when Jeremy got waived by the Warriors, he couldn’t believe it and started to wonder if he would ever get a fair shake. At no point did Lin ever feel like he didn’t belong in the league. He just wanted one chance…”

“My buddy Gus made this point on Twitter — we’re not allowed to say “Hollywood would never make this script about Lin.” Have you seen the scripts Hollywood makes? They’d absolutely make this script! They just made The Vow and The Grey! Shit, 15 years ago, they made a movie about Whoopi Goldberg getting plucked out of the stands to coach the Knicks and turn their season around. You’re telling me they’re turning down the Asian American Rocky/Rudy crossed with Hoosiers set in New York?”

[My take: A very good, probably the best explanation so far on why Lin has gone unnoticed all this time] “Still, the real problem was threefold: He didn’t blow anyone away during his Golden State stint last year; he played a position that was pretty filled throughout the league; and because of the lockout, he didn’t have a chance to blow anyone away during training camp. Remember, good players always make a leap from Year 1 to Year 2 — from what we’ve seen of Lin these past two weeks, it’s safe to say that, without the lockout, the right training camp (and the right team) would have allowed his ascent to happen in a much more traditional way. Would it have been as much fun as Lin coming out of nowhere to save the Knicks’ season and energize their fan base two days before he was getting cut while he was sleeping on a buddy’s coach the whole time? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not in a million years! I’m glad it played out this way.”

Since it’s a Mailbag, of course the Q&As…

Q: You joked that Disney would call the Tebow movie “Fourth and God.” What’s the Lin movie going to be called?
— John, Berkeley, Calif.

BS: ….have Pearl Jam remake “Jeremy” with lyrics that center around a Taiwanese-American Harvard grad saving the Knicks instead of, you know, a bullied kid destroying everyone in his class? [My take: here’s when that e04 Lin Teacher sign comes handy]

Q: Do you know what impresses me most about Jeremy Lin? The genuinely giddy reactions he inspires from his teammates. Watch the aftermath of his game-winning shot against the Raptors: Jared Jeffries nearly dislocates a shoulder with a flying hip-bump, Steve Novak inexplicably begins humping Linsanity’s leg, Tyson Chandler heaves him about two feet into the air. Not one teammate seems remotely jealous of his statistics, heroics, or instant worldwide adoration. And it’s not just any team rallying around his success; it’s the New York Knicks, the league’s most perpetually dysfunctional franchise (that doesn’t have Don Sterling’s greasy fingerprints all over it). Isn’t that more amazing than any shot he’ll ever hit in his life?
— S.K.E. Banerjee, NYC

[My take: I just love the expression of how JJ nearly dislocated a shoulder and others. If you slow-mo that it’d make a classic bromance scene.]

SG: And that’s been one of my favorite things about Linsanity. The Knicks were going to miss the playoffs; even worse, it was genuinely depressing to watch them….Then, Lin starts playing at point guard … and within a week, they’re acting like a 15-seed pulling off a March Madness upset (only game after game). And yeah, I know race is hanging over this story — sometimes that happens for phony reasons, sometimes it happens for real ones, and in this case, it’s real and should hang over it a little. But if Lin happened to be white or black, I’d like to think this story would be 85 percent as fun — it’s mostly about his style of play (wildly entertaining), the whole out-of-nowhere underdog thing (always our favorite type of story as sports fans), its effect on Knicks players and Knicks fans (basically, it’s turned both groups delirious) and the fact that it’s the Knicks (who have four generations of fans, play in our biggest market and needed a feel-good story more than just about any other team). You know what’s really amazing? That he saved the Knicks’ playoff hopes AND saved his coach’s job has almost been an afterthought.

Q: I just watched the Lin post-game interview after he dropped 38 on the Lakers. In the interview, he calls D’Antoni “an offensive genius.” Honestly, if you’re D’Antoni do you start believing in God real hard core? I mean this guy basically came out of nowhere, saved his job, makes him look like a genius, and talks about God non-stop. I think if you’re D’Antoni you believe this guy was sent to you directly from heaven. That sounds totally weird and totally rational at the same time.

— Geoff, New York

[My take: This is one of my favorite questions. If D’Antoni isn’t baptized, he should, because his testimonial script has been written already, and we are all witnesses!]

SG: Weird because it’s insane, rational because it’s true — D’Antoni was maybe two more losses away from getting fired, then taking over some ailing Division 1 school and reinventing himself as a run-and-gun college coach. If that didn’t work, the WNBA was the next stop. And by the way, if you don’t think any of this sounds realistic, check out Paul Westhead’s Wikipedia page.

Q: I can’t get enough of this guy. I feel like walking into a bar and ordering a Jeremy Lin.
— Matt Allen, De Nang, Vietnam

SG: That’s another reason why this is 100 times bigger than Billy Ray Bates — do you really think anyone living in Vietnam in 1980 had an opinion on Billy Ray Bates???

[My take: I should had known this, but still caught me by surprise. Invasion to Vietnam!]

All right, to wrap up. Since this is supposed to be a fun post (and I won’t need to do a Saturday morning report at the meeting tomorrow), I ma borrow the joke from OMGG, just to ensure sufficient exercises on the mentalis and abdomen rectus.

Jeremy Lin Removes Mask to Reveal He’s Actually Michael Jordan

Like Jeremy always says, God is good isn’t he. One man plays well on the court, the whole world is riding the fun. Thank you God, and good night.


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