Jeremy Lin Making History: Career night, every night

This Jeremy Lin Fever just never gonna end…

With a huge win over the defending champion Dallas at the Garden (I love how the broadcasters in Taiwan call it “The Lin’s Garden”), the Knicks are now 8-1 since Jeremy began to contribute significantly. And of course, this Linsanity would not have lasted this long if Lin ain’t the real deal, historically speaking:

“In the past eight games — the first eight starts of his career — he’s averaging 25.0 PPG and 9.5 APG. According to Elias, since the NBA began recording starts in 1970, Calvin Murphy for the 1970-71 San Diego Rockets is the only other player to average at least 20.0 PPG and 7.0 APG in the first eight starts of his career…”

Notable Point Guards 1st 8 NBA Starts

Points Assists
Jeremy Lin 200 76
Isiah Thomas 184 51
Magic Johnson 147 57
John Stockton 80 82

– Source: ESPN

Jeremy always puts team success over everything else, as everyone is supposed to. Now since he’s gotten that done, I’d like to point out his personal stats, and get straight to the point: Ever since he was given major minutes, Jeremy has been having a career night, every night.

Even in that loss against the Hornets, Lin still managed a career high in steal (4) and the infamous TO (9).

Remember I’ve always emphasized how much am I impressed by Lin’s ability to learn from mistakes and improve game by game (to be precise, I think his learning period is more like a half-game instead of a full game), and despite how some critics had once described the whole mania as “a flash in the pan,” this kid from Harvard has been proving every doubter wrong, AND surprising the believers like me. Another point taken from a career-night-every-night stat means that, the kid is constantly improving, continuous tense.

How high is the ceiling for Jeremy? It is scary. Let’s just enjoy the show for now.

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