NYTimes.com: Jeremy Lin’s Evolution, Looking forward to 2nd half

Probably the best article out there on the success of Jeremy, props to NYTimes.

I just want to summarize it very quick with my personal experiences of observing Jeremy from all this time. Jeremy did NOT have a mind of a point guard when he was first signed by the warriors. He put on a “scoring” show against John Wall, not a playmaking one. Yes, he could drive to the basket at will, but he was a bit off-balance and shaky once he was around the hoop, leading to some ugly misses. The so-called “plays” he made were the result from his excellent court vision and basketball IQ; passing to that open man was a no-brainer. The biggest credits from the Reno days were probably the time he spent as a playmaker (despite playing two-guard) and just being comfortable on the court. “Raw” was the word I had in mind when I watched Jeremy play, and “improvement” was evident day after day. As the season progressed, he returned to the warriors and finished the season strong and more importantly, confident. Based on the strides that Jeremy had made in his rookie year, the projectile spot for him this season would had been a serviceable back-up combo-guard behind Curry and Ellis. Of course, as the article points out, he worked like a horse during the lock-out, and hence Jeremy 2012 has landed much further than estimated.

Do I see Jeremy finishing the season with 20-4-7-2-1, 47%, 35%, 75% kind of stat by the end of the season? Yes. Had I foresee it in the beginning of the season? No way. Is it on the Warriors to blame for waiving Jeremy? Absolutely. With the type of “raw talent” and progress Lin had displayed over his rookie season, coupling with his endless work-ethic (Even Smart had acknowledged that several times) and superior basketball IQ, the man could at the very least have fitted nicely in the projectile range with the possibility of overachieving. The person in the management position should never had tossed that out of the window, not before giving him a chance.

My forecast for the 2nd half? Jeremy getting acclimatized for the real NBA season as a starting PG, continuing to learn through his mistakes, and elevating the team as a whole as the catalyst. The Knicks will finish the regular season winning the Atlantic division with a 4th seed in the East behind Miami, Chicago and Indiana. A lock for Most Improved Player, and a top 5 finish in the MVP award.

Jeff projected Jeremy to be the Asian Ramon Session. I still can’t fathom the comparison of Jeremy to another. Yesterday I was thinking about Penny Hardaway for his ability to create plays, carry the team, and elevate in big games, but then I realized Lin doesn’t post-up. So what does the former two-time MVP gotta say, who Lin has been mentioned next to numerous times?

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2 Responses to NYTimes.com: Jeremy Lin’s Evolution, Looking forward to 2nd half

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    New York is going to the finals next years. Maybe im just dreaming :).

    • harnh says:

      Ha, fingers crossed, don’t want to jinx anything ~ With Lin gased out in the first quarter against the Heat while Miami switched on their championship-level defense, the Knicks ONLY lost by 14 after all? I’d say the future is really, really bright for the Knicks.

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