When the puzzles don’t fit: Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony

So frustrated as the Knicks have reversed themselves back to the pre-Lin days. As this article has pointed out it was the defense that led to that 7 game winning streak (holding the opponent to 93.7 points/100 possessions), the offense has become a problem since Melo’s return.

Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony just don’t fit. They don’t. Their games contradict each other. Jeremy is best when he’s attaching and dishing. Melo? Give me the iso. Jeremy drives and passes to whoever he thinks has the highest probability to to score the basket, including himself. Melo plays and tries whichever way possible to score his basket. When Jeremy has Melo (and Amare to some extend) in his mind, he thinks outside of his natural basketball instinct and tries to get Melo the ball…and then Melo does his iso. WHAT?

Even their attitudes are day and night. Jeremy is one hard-working and competitive athlete. Melo? “It’s fun.”

I’ve had enough. It’s not working. A different system would be needed, or a different line-up, but Mike D’Antoni is as stubborn as he’s ever been. If the Knicks are going down the drain like the Warriors did last season? It’s all right, I ma just rooting for Jeremy.

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