Farewell, Coach D’Antoni. Stepping into another new chapter, here’s Coach Woodson

Mike D’Antoni resigned. Who else to refer to other than the man himself? While I hate to see cancer prevail, I choose to record his positive memories here…

“It might sound surprising to a skeptical Knicks fan, but just a few weeks ago, this was a phenomenal, dignified place to work. We had a culture that revolved around teamwork, integrity and passing the ball at least three times before blindly heaving from 40 feet… It had something to do with pride and belief and organization. Okay, it also had something to do with random magic from a Havard-educated point guard who was playing for the Erie BayHawks in January. That was nuts. I was just as surprised as you…”

So there it is. D’Antoni was not perfect. He was stubborn in his belief, didn’t understand his players enough (in pre-Lin and current Melo), and didn’t have the gut to punish those (well, the one) who disobeyed the orders. But I still gotta say this with my most sincere attitude “Thank you, Coach D’Antonic, for giving Jeremy that one shot he needed in his NBA career, and for the unconditional support and believe in him.” JLinfan#1 has put it better than anyone could have, so here it is.

In comes Coach Mike Woodson, an old school with a thing or two to say about rookies

“I remember playing for a great coach in Red Holzman… He taught me rookies were to sit, listen and learn. He taught me a valuable lesson way back when. I listened and learned a lot as a rookie.’’

A lot of people, especially the Lin’s fans were furious about his comments.

I really dislike those words, as if Lin hasn’t been listening and learning…He’s been exactly the opposite. Lin has been playing because he’s being asked to play.

However, I’ve always preferred a disciplined coach who emphasizes defense and has zero tolerance for BS. A big reason that D’Antoni had Melonoma metastasized around was because he allowed that to initiate.

I say if Baron Davis flourishes better with the first unit, I would have no problem with him starting over Jeremy. That’s how a fair world should function anyway.

On the other hand, I don’t see Jeremy having problems playing full-court press, hard-nose defense, or passing the ball to the iso guys. For all except for his virtually rookie status or whatever prejudice out there that he can’t control, Jeremy pretty much has all the tools of a pg. So what if the system is changing against Lin? If he’s a survivor than he’ll be fine. There’s only 20 something games left this season, and for Jeremy being Jeremy, he will only continue to grow. So what if he comes off the bench in the future, for the benefit of the team? I don’t think there’s any other way to cover his unique talent anymore.

Well, today’s full-blast game against the Pacers was a good hint of what could had been (or should had been, if the normal cells stay un-transformed), and what could we expect for the future.

That’s right, 31 first half points for the opponent. What about our boy Jeremy?

13-5-5, 3/7 FG, 1-1 3 Pt, 6-6 FT, +17 in 25+ min.

I have absolutely no problem with that kind of stat line. Despite playing on his “6th or 7th system in less than 2 years,” Jeremy is just fine. Praise the Lord!

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