Good players look good when playing well, great players grind it out in the toughest of time

Every time I play a tennis match, especially a single’s match, I play to win. Period. If I my game is on and all the tangibles are clicking, I can probably put my all-around game on display and turn in a very beautiful game.

However, that happens at the very least of time. Ever since I haven’t been training regularly and progressively, I’ve been left with the minimum set of skills (ground strokes, 2nd serve, and a few volleys) required to stay ON the tennis court. Actually, ever since I popped those discs in my spine…it’s been about “the opponent’s weakness” over “my strength.” The lack of practice in the recent years just forces my game plan that much further to “how to frustrate your opponent.” When you’re constantly struggling to find your rhythm, or when you don’t even know what “being in the rhythm” feels like, you evolve to grind it out in the toughest of time.

Here’s Jeremy Lin again. I wrote it before the All-Star break that he was TIRED, so it’s not surprising that he must be feeling like running through an unbreakable wall at the moment. Here’s his stats in the past 10 games and in March

He is clearly in a slump. The situation is not helping either. There’s the new coach, the opponents are centering defensive scheme around him, and his knees are showing signs of overuse. However, he’s not alone, the whole league is battling through the lock-out shorten season, and the winners can always manage to pull through in the end. Go ask the Spurs for reference.

That’s exactly why I was delighted to see Jeremy finishing strong with 16 of 18 points in the 4th quarter against the #1 defensive team 76ers, despite shooting 1-11 for 2 pt through 3 quarters. He was struggling, yet at the same time hustling. People always talk about “never give up” or “die fighting,” because even when you’re scrambling and crumbling, the frustration is there and it’s easy but no excuse to be a step slow or loosening the grip.

On top of that, it’s  just as important to keep your composure with a cool, stone cold killer’s instinct for that moment to come. Jeremy’s 5 reb, 1 stl, 1 blk is there to show. The result? a +8 from his part and a 82-79 victory.

The game was far from pretty. It was rough and scrappy. It was a very tough game, but that’s how great players are born. While Good players look good when playing well, the great players grind it out in the toughest of time.

Way to go, Jeremy. Way to go.

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  1. minnie says:

    I like this heading ! ^^

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