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Music Video Review: “People,” the Hip-Hop Track Featuring a Buddhist Nobel Laureate

When was last time you had more chills than excitement watching a hip-hop music video? “People” is almost certainly one of the most unprecedented rap tracks ever to be released to a global market. There is no bling, no babe, … Continue reading

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Mega Ran’s Jeremy Lin Rap

Haven’t been touched by a Rap song since forever. As Mega Ran says on youtube, “it starts with a freestyle…I thought his story was inspirational and decided to write about it. ” Written to the world, rapped to the soul, … Continue reading

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A guitar holder

A few months ago I had realized that whatever I will be doing in the next 5-10 years, I will excel and become very good at it. A while ago fate has decided to pin me here in Tainan for … Continue reading

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Christiane Engel – Reverence for Life, with Music

Paying off old debts. Drawing relations to the lecture. Salute to the 4 cutest and most unfortunated 2-week-old Wistar rats.   When I first saw the Ad of the event, meeting Albert Schweitzer, I thought "hey, this is not bad." … Continue reading

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