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Be Your Own Boss: Identity Round-Up

Identity has always been an intriguing question to me. I remember it was an English assignment in high school that we had to reflect on the values that represent an identity. My buddy Jeff and I used to discuss whether … Continue reading

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Music Video Review: “People,” the Hip-Hop Track Featuring a Buddhist Nobel Laureate

When was last time you had more chills than excitement watching a hip-hop music video? “People” is almost certainly one of the most unprecedented rap tracks ever to be released to a global market. There is no bling, no babe, … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin Making History: Career night, every night

This Jeremy Lin Fever just never gonna end… With a huge win over the defending champion Dallas at the Garden (I love how the broadcasters in Taiwan call it “The Lin’s Garden”), the Knicks are now 8-1 since Jeremy began … Continue reading

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Linvasion: Sports Illustrated, TIME, Obama, and every single news channel plus all the talk shows in Taiwan.

To represent my medical roots, I’ve been calling it the “Jeremy Lin Fever.” All right, how far, how bad, how explicit, how ridiculous, has Linsanity gone? Just over a week ago, I was shedding tears at church for Jeremy’s break … Continue reading

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My take on Jeremy’s Identity

As I was reading the Post-game Notebook on NBA.com for the Knicks/Wizards game, I found a couple lines of description that is only fitting for Lin’s identity. “IN THE ARENA: Thousands of chanting and cheering Lin fans. There are many Harvard … Continue reading

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A value for confrontation; an outlet for anger

First and foremost, my deepest condolence to the victims and families of the tragedy in Norway. Lessons must be learned. The Americans talked about domestic security and terrorism. I want to take a different approach. What could really happen to, … Continue reading

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“We don’t resolve all conflicts…we want to inspire dialogue…”

“The show is an “empowering intervention”. It is filled with archetypal images and situations. “It has to be familiar,” Prish explained, “it has to have happened in their lives, to make the connection so the messages can be gently slipped … Continue reading

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